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    Home Alarm Systems Hallam

    If you live in Hallam or have a business premises in Hallam, RAM Security Solutions offers and will quote on home alarm systems hallam or a business alarm system that will meet your home or business security needs.  RAM Security Solutions should be your point of contact if you need a burglar alarm system hallam.  Apart from the Hallam area, RAM Security Solutions will supply quality security systems to customers located in and around  Dandenong, Noble Park, Cranbourne, Hampton Park, Springvale, Clayton, Dingley and Braeside – in fact, RAM Security Solutions will install security alarms hallam in all suburbs in Melbourne’s east and southeast.

    In our many years of experience, RAM Security Solutions has found that Bosch security alarm systems offer superior performance and reliability and it is for this reason that we recommend and offer Bosch security alarm systems and components.  We know that ‘backyard’ security system installers offer cheaper products but do you really want to compromise the security of your premises or your family for the sake of a few dollars.  Bosch offers security that you can trust.

    Security Systems Hallam

    In addition to from burglar alarm systems hallam, RAM Security Solutions offers the supply and installation of the complete  range of electronic security systems hallam  for clients in Hallam and surrounding suburbs.  RAM Security Solutions has quality security solutions that will meet your need for:

    • Access control systems hallam
    • CCTV security camera systems hallam
    • House alarm systems hallam
    • Business alarms systems hallam.

    Because a second class security camera system is next to useless, RAM Security Solutions will quote on and install CCTV security cameras from the Samsung security camera range.  The quality, performance and reliability of Samsung is second-to-none and you will quickly come to appreciate this if it is ever necessary to view and use security surveillance cameras footage in the event of a security incident.  RAM Security Solutions  have robust, reliable and value-for-money digital video recording (DVR) systems that we will match to the Samsung CCTV security cameras of your choice so that recorded surveillance camera footage is readily available when needed.

    Security Alarms Hallam

    RAM Security Solutions offers the following advice when considering the purchase and installation of a security alarm system hallam.  We recommend thinking about and discussing these issues with your security consultant as your system is being designed/quoted:

    • Before you begin, ask to see the consultant’s Private Security Registration Card – that way you can have confidence that you are dealing with a licensed professional who has been police checked.
    • Is your primary concern for the security of people when they are at home, or property protection when your house is unoccupied?
    • For your particular home and situation, is a hard-wired or wireless security system the best choice?  Wireless is often more appropriate in multi-story dwellings.
    • Most companies offer a “basic system package”.  Ask how much the extras cost – this is where there is the most often variance between companies.
    • Be prepared to spend a bit extra to get a totally reliable and robust security system.  The unreliability of cheaper systems can be frustrating and more costly in the long run.
    • Guard against dealing with ‘backyarders’ who offer cheap systems but who may not be around when you need assistance or when your system needs maintenance.
    • Do you have pets?  If so, you may want to consider the installation of “pet immune” sensors to prevent false alarms.  Similar sensors should also be used in harsh and dusty locations such as garages and workshops
    • Does anyone in the house have a serious medical condition?  What facilities does the security system offer to protect them in the event of a medical emergency?
    • What are the most vulnerable points of entry into your house?  How can they be best protected?
    • Weigh the cost of a system that protects a few exterior openings to one that protects all the exterior openings that could be used by a burglar.
    • What are the benefits of connecting to a monitoring station?  What action will be taken in the event of an alarm?  What are your responsibilities?  What does attendance of a security guard cost?
    • Ask about integrating fire detection into the alarm system.
    • What happens if the phone lines are cut?
    • Ask about warranties on the equipment and the installation.